External User Experience

Maintaining good relationships with the people you serve is crucial for your organizations success.  
Whether you interact with —vendors or patients… students or consumers… constituents or clients… providing access to the information they need can dramatically improve your level of service.  
OnBase makes that easy, providing many options to extend secure, self-service access.
Here’s just one example from the point of view of a vendor that does business with an organization that uses OnBase.  
Our sample organization, Computers are Us, has just become an approved vendor of nine second foods.  
This notification in my inbox from Cindy Smith, was generated and sent automatically by OnBase once Cindy approved our contract.  
Right from this message, I have access to additional information and tools to manage our relationship.    
The first link provides me access to our final contract, which is actually managed in their OnBase system.
With a single click, it displays as an image in a browser window but could have also been rendered as a PDF, or presented in a folder view with other documents.
This second link opens an electronic form I can use to update information like my remit-to address or contact information.  
Once I submit the form it is saved directly into OnBase triggering multiple actions such as notifying Cindy that my information has changed and updating their other systems of record.
The third link takes me to their vendor portal where I do even more.  
If this were my first visit I would first need to create an account.  
But, since I already have an account I can log right in.  
Within the portal I can complete and submit additional forms.
I can upload invoices to trigger the payment process.
I can search for past invoices and related documents.
I can even view all of the content for the transactions we’ve had in an easy to navigate folder view.
These are just three examples that illustrate how OnBase can extend access to anyone you work with outside of your organization providing them secure, self-service access and a complete view of the information they need.
Find out more about all the things OnBase can do for you on OnBase.com.