Information Capture Solution

Provide faster, improved access to content

No matter where or how content enters your organisation, OnBase captures it to provide faster, simpler, improved access to those who need it most. Beyond importing documents - from scanners, electronic locations and mobile devices - and ingesting data in a variety of ways, OnBase also automatically extracts data from incoming documents. This minimises manual data entry and speeds processes from the point of ingestion. 

OnBase provides these capture capabilities alongside content management, case management and BPM capabilities – speeding business processes from beginning to end.

Document Scanning Software

With direct integrations with several scanning hardware vendors and a variety of options for scanners without direct integrations, OnBase easily ingests physical documents to eliminate the need for physical storage. This allows you to reduce physical storage costs and free space for other resources, such as additional desk space.

Electronic Content Capture

OnBase captures documents and email attachments directly from Microsoft Office applications. Additional email client integrations and a variety of import capabilities enable document capture from virtually any electronic location. OnBase can also ingest a variety of data stream formats to bring relevant data and business-critical documents together in one system.

Mobile Capture

Through the OnBase mobile capture software solution, images and information can be captured and made instantly accessible to the rest of the organisation.

Data Capture Software

As documents are captured, OnBase pulls the relevant data off each page and shares it with your other systems, saving you time and allowing your employees to focus on higher value tasks.