Optical Character Recognition Software

OCR Software: An essential tool for any organisation burdened by manual data entry

OCR is a widely used term but many who are familiar with the term may not be familiar with what O.C.R. actually stands for. Optical Character Recognition is a technology used to extract information from an electronic document image, whether originally in electronic format or a scanned paper document.

Though many may think optical character recognition software is synonymous with all data extraction capabilities, it is actually only a piece of any data capture solution. OCR is technology solely used for extracting machine-printed text while data can be extracted from a document in many formats – whether it’s handwritten text, check boxes and radio buttons or barcodes – there are actually many other formats that hold critical information. Moreover, data capture solutions are powered by smarts built into each solution to help the solution understand where to extract information as well as validate the pulled information. 

Optical character recognition software helps organisations speed processes and increase data accuracy

Though data capture solutions can be used with both electronic and paper documents, some of the biggest ROI from these OCR solutions comes from eliminating paper along with the reduction of manual data entry from those documents into other systems. 

According to an AIIM study conducted last year, only 17% of respondents could describe their offices as “paper-free” and 31% admit their office is piled high with paper documents and paper processes. Moreover, 20% report that their consumption of paper is increasing. 

Organisations can find immediate improvements in their processes simply by adding a data capture solution – helping take paper and manual labor out of these processes. Data capture solutions provide the following benefits: 

  • Reduced costs. Optical character recognition software, as well as it’s other data capture counterparts, help organisations reduce manual labor in data entry and document handling thus lowering labour costs.  
  • Accelerated processes. Both through paper reduction and automation, data capture solutions speed processes.
  • Improved service. Automating data capture through OCR software helps ensure that employees have the most up-to-date, accurate information when they need it to best serve those you serve. 

How OnBase OCR software helps organisations achieve a competitive advantage

OnBase combines OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition technologies with intelligence built into each solution to provide flexible and accurate data capture solutions. But OnBase provides additional benefits than simply automated data capture capabilities: 

  • The OnBase platform combines data capture with enterprise content management, case management and workflow automation on a single platform ensuring processes are improved throughout the lifecycle of all the important related content. 
  • OnBase has tight integrations with other systems that help ensure the accurate data pulled from each document is shared immediately with all other business systems.

By managing content throughout its lifecycle and integrating with other systems in your information management strategy, OnBase gives your employees immediate access to the critical information that fuels your business, from whatever technology platform they prefer. They also gain access to related content directly within OnBase, automatically indexed with the information pulled by the OCR software.

Embracing OCR software and data capture solutions increases efficiency and accelerates processes across your organisation. OnBase data capture is flexible and scalable to meet your business needs, with potential to be applied across a wide variety of business processes. Wherever manual document sorting and data entry is occurring in your organisation, free up employees devoted to those tasks and improve your processes by taking advantage of OCR.