OnBase in the Hyland Cloud

Discover the benefits of hosting content services in the cloud

The Hyland Cloud is a world-class hosting platform for OnBase and Hyland's other content services offerings — privately managed by a team of in-house experts, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and security-driven policies. Purposefully built for content and information management, the Hyland Cloud enterprise solutions enable organizations to take advantage of the full range of OnBase functionality via a mature and proven cloud deployment option.

Track record of success

We’ve hosted OnBase in the cloud for more than 15 years, making Hyland a true pioneer in the field. More than 1175 companies in 42 countries trust the Hyland Cloud to safely and securely store their information. Regularly audited and certified data centers across the globe provide in-country, private cloud space with comprehensive security and disaster recovery protocols. 

Currently, the Hyland Cloud stores more than 12 billion documents — totaling more than 10 petabytes of data.

The Hyland Cloud is:

Privately managed

As a managed service provider, Hyland's Global Cloud Services (GCS) professionals personally manage each solution


Organizations can be confident that their information and their customers' data is protected with the highest security standards


Dedicated, credentialed Global Cloud Services (GCS) professionals provide 24/7/365 support


Since the inception in 2004, the hosting platform has delivered an average availability of 99.99 percent


Evolves with an organization's changing business needs, scaling to accommodate additional infrastructure and document storage needs


The Hyland Cloud is hosted globally in Hyland’s collocated data centers or accredited public data centers — and complete transparency means customers know exactly where their data resides


Accommodates demanding SLAs and a range of industry-specific and location-based compliance initiatives

Cloud Enterprise Content Management

Cloud content services for the enterprise. Manage documents and information with a flexible, scalable, cost-effective cloud ECM solution.


Discover how the Hyland Cloud secures data in the cloud and manages security of a global network of servers and data centers.


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