Rapid application development platforms

Most organizations remain stuck in a “build vs. buy” mentality when it comes to application development. But while these approaches come with their own benefits, they have their own limitations as well. Custom-developed applications take long to build and require the original developer or someone with that level of expertise to make changes. Off-the-shelf solutions often have limitations on which features you can change and the degree to which you can make those modifications.

By pursuing a third option and configuring applications on a low-code, rapid application development (RAD) platform, you can realize benefits beyond a build or buy approach - delivering more value to your business. This includes benefits like:

  • Faster rollout of applications
  • One single platform to upgrade and maintain
  • The ability to easily embed rich content into applications
To learn more about the benefits of adopting a low-code, RAD platform, download the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, "To Be Brilliant In The Moment, Think Beyond Buy Versus Build."