Business Process Management (BPM)

Optimize and increase visibility into your business processes

Streamline processes with OnBase BPM tools

Every organization has its own unique processes. In order to meet the demands of these processes and employees involved in them, your organization needs a solution that is flexible and scalable – allowing you and your staff to work the way you want.

Business process management (BPM) tools offer your organization the ability to optimize business processes with automated workflows and provide instant visibility to monitor your business’s overall health.

Optimize your processes with OnBase BPM tools

OnBase process management tools offer your organization with a variety of options to optimize processes exactly how you want them. This includes:

  • Workflow automationOnBase BPM tools provide a rich set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions, allowing business processes to be quickly automated with no need for custom coding.
  • Dynamic approval processes – Streamline and simplify document approval processes by allowing business users to configure rules to evaluate documents and dynamically assign approvers.
  • Electronic forms Eliminate paper, expedite processes and improve information accuracy with features like required fields, data validation, calculations with instant results and the ability to customize the form’s look and feel.
  • Business activity monitoring and dashboards – Using BPM tools, users point-and-click configure dashboards that deliver instant visibility into the health of your system and your business – from the real-time status of business processes to who is owning tasks and how long they will take. Identify opportunities for improvement and quickly respond to changes in process performance.
  • Automated notifications – Notify users when an action is required in critical business processes without relying on manual email notifications. Organizations can also expedite the delivery of email notifications triggered by your automated processes, without user interaction, minimizing the chance of unsent or delayed alerts.

Discover the many benefits of OnBase BPM tools.

Business process analytics

Organizations that invest in business process analytics support themselves in achieving heightened levels of growth, operational efficiency, and more.

Business process mining

Process Mining helps you identify process bottlenecks and fix them fast with advanced pattern recognition and interactive analysis.


OnBase's Workflow software automates the management of routine business processes using customizable, real-time notifications to improve workflow.

OnBase BPM tools

Business process management (BPM) tools optimize business processes with automated workflows and provides instant visibility to monitor your business’s overall health. Learn more.

Getting Started with BPM

Business process automation software allows staff to work smarter by providing process improvements and increasing efficiencies. Learn how to get started with BPM.