Adopting Rapid Application Development Platforms

How RAD platforms offer a better alternative to build vs. buy

To make quick, intelligent decisions in the moment, your employees need access to critical information and content stored in business applications. Unfortunately, most organizations use dozens, if not hundreds of disparate applications to store that information – making it almost impossible to quickly find all the information required to make those decisions. 

By deploying a rapid application development (RAD) system, you enable your organization to quickly build any new required information on the same platform, providing benefits like:

  • Improved integrations across applications to simplify the search for information and eliminate IT sprawl
  • Enabling a faster rollout of new applications
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership per application

This infographic shows you in visual detail how RAD software provides these benefits by presenting an alternative to the build vs. buy mentality that many organizations face after determining the need for a new application. Instead of facing the high costs of purchasing new systems for each challenge or asking an internal development staff to invest the time in building one from scratch, a RAD solution allows you to quickly build applications on an a common, configurable platform.

To learn more about the benefits of deploying a RAD system and the challenges they help you overcome, download Forrester Research’s whitepaper, To Be Brilliant In The Moment, Think Beyond Buy Versus Build.